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This website is dedicated to artists who realise outdoor Murals, fresco, wall paintings ,childrens murals,
Painted walls and Trompe l'oeil (trick the eye) : more than 40 000 French pictures 15/09/10
On this website there is not only one French mura
l but more than 6000 different European murals
Many towns : Paris, Lyon,  Amsterdam, Berlin, Namur, Cannes .etc..
From Ontario (Canada) : Saint Thomas, Essex, Colborne, Oshawa, Miami, New-York, Midland.  From Quebec : Montréal, Sherbrooke, Québec, Saint Fulgence
Different countries (of Europe) : France, Belgium, Spain, Canada, netherland, germany, United Kingdom, Iceland, Italy (Sardegna), Philadelphia, New-York (Usa)
You can download videos and pps files including murals pictures. : The website of outdoor Murals , fresco, Trompe l'oeil ( "trick of the eye"), walls paintings and Tags pictures. More than 965 muralist artists
Made by Lionel Gripon and Alain Sangouard - Déc2003

The website of outdoor Murals , fresco, Trompe l'oeil ( " trick the eye "), Wall
Paintings pics and Tags pictures. More than 1100 muralist artists
The English gate is est présent dans les annuaires suivants
Conception et réalisation : Lionel Gripon et Alain Sangouard - Décembre 2003 - 40 000 photos